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How to Avoid a Car Accident in or Around a School Zone

With a new school year just starting, it is important to be aware of school zones. Nearly 54 million school-aged children walk or bike to school or pass through a school zone. A school zone is designed to ensure kids are safe as they arrive and leave school. However, sometimes a congested school zone puts pedestrians and motorists alike in danger of a car accident. Here are some tips to avoid a car accident in or around a school zone.

Tips to Avoid a Car Accident in or Around a School Zone

Be Aware of School Zones

Many distracted drivers will often breezy through a school zone without noticing the flashing lights warning drivers to slow down. Remember to always keep your eyes and focus on the road at all times. Most school zones are preceded by numerous warning signals such as flashing lights, speed bumps, and/or warning signs to notify drivers of the school zone. Avoid a car accident by being aware of these warning signals.

Slow Down in or Around a School Zone

The speed limit in school zones is significantly slower than what is posted in other areas on the same roadway. It is a good idea to slow down and become more aware even before you reach the school zone. Children walking to school are often hit by vehicles before they even reach the school zone. Make sure you have enough time to safely slow down without having to slam on the brakes to avoid a car crash or hit a pedestrian.

Expect Traffic to Increase in or Around a School Zone

School typically starts between seven and nine in the morning and two and four in the afternoon. Even if the school crossing guard forgot to turn on the flashing lights, be aware of the time so you can be safe. Traffic is going to be more congested in a school zone as parents or other caregivers are dropping off kids for school. Remember to slow down and be careful during these times to avoid an accident.

Increased Number of Pedestrians in the Crosswalk

Many school zones have an increased number of crosswalks to allow students to walk safely from nearby neighborhoods. Remember to always yield to pedestrians on the road even if they are not using a marked crosswalk. It is also important to keep in mind patience as many kids will be walking across the road to get to school.

Be Aware of School Buses

Always yield the right of way to school buses at all times. These drivers have a harder time navigating in increased traffic due to their large size. When a school bus driver puts out the stop sign on a bus, you must stop when driving on the same side of the road. If you are traveling in the opposite direction as the stopped bus, you can only proceed if two lanes of travel are present.

Obey All Traffic Officers, Crossing Guards, and Policemen

Crossing guards and other officials who have the right to stop traffic should always be obeyed by all drivers. These officials take precedence over any traffic signs or signals that normally control the area to direct traffic in an orderly manner. Police officers park in or around school zones to ensure the safety of everyone. School zones often have severe fines that are double or triple the normal speeding fine for the area. Please understand these increased amounts are to persuade drivers to slow down and pay attention while driving through school zones.

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