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Boise Car Accident Due to Driver Losing Control

A Boise car accident due to driver losing control is still under investigation by Idaho State Police. The car accident occurred when a man from California was driving on State Highway 55. He reportedly lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center line and slide into other oncoming vehicles. The first vehicle involved attempted to dodge the out of control vehicle but ended up driving off the left shoulder and into a ditch. A commercial box truck could not avoid hitting the vehicle out of control and was struck. Injuries were reported. The California man was taken by ground ambulance to a nearby hospital for evaluation of injuries. Traffic was blocked for about two hours while crews worked to clear the car accident.

How to Avoid a Car Accident When You Lose Control of Your Vehicle

  1. Remain calm. Don’t panic. Yes, it may be hard not to panic when you lose control of your vehicle, but panicking will only make matter worse. Some people tend to freeze up when they panic, others over-compensate. Avoid panic and keep your cool.
  2. Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. Your first reaction may be to let go of the steering wheel, don’t do it! You will regain control of the vehicle at some point. Having your hands ready and on the steering wheel will help avoid a car accident.
  3. Keep your eyes open. Sometimes when people panic they may want to close their eyes to make it go away. Well it doesn’t go away like that. Keep your eyes open so you can see where you are going to avoid a car accident.
  4. Shift your vehicle into neutral to eliminate power going to the wheels.
  5. Steer in the direction that your vehicle is trying to go. This is typically the best way to regain control.
  6. It is not always necessary to have to stop your vehicle after you have regained control. Just slow down and straighten your vehicle out to regain your footing.
  7. If you did get in a car accident, make sure to stop in a safe area where you are out of the flow of traffic before getting out.

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