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Is It Possible To Get Reimbursement Through Workers’ Compensation For Pain And Suffering?

Many have asked “Is it possible to get reimbursement through workers’ compensation for pain and suffering?” If you were injured while on the job and had to take time off to recover, this article may help you. While pain and suffering may not get you benefits, we can help.

What Does Pain and Suffering Mean?

Pain and suffering is defined as any physical pain or discomfort your injuries may cause you after an accident. These are common terms lawyers and other legal professionals will use throughout your case. Pain and suffering is also includes any negative emotions you experience because of injury. For example, frustration, sadness, humiliation, anger, etc.

How Does Workers Compensation Help?

Workers’ compensation is designed to help resolve injury claims between employers and injured employees. With workers’ compensation, employees have an easier time getting benefits from their employers. However, these benefits are usually limited to medical bill payments and wage loss.

Nevertheless, if you are experiencing dramatic negative emotions from your injuries, you may be able to benefit financially from workers’ compensation. For example, if you are diagnosed with depression because of dealing with severe pain from your injury, you may be able to recover compensation. Another example is if you have developed sleep disorders because your pain is keeping you up at night, this also might be a factor to recover compensation. These examples are not considered items of damages in your case and will be handled separately in your case.

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