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Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

The slip and fall accident injury attorneys and lawyers of Parke Gordon Law Firm in Boise, ID are here to help get you a fair settlement. When you’re injured in a slip and fall due to a property owner’s negligence, our personal injury lawyers will help you recover money for your injuries, pain, and suffering. Property owners are responsible to keep their sidewalks, walkways, entryways, or stores free from slippery or wet substances. When property owners fail to do so, they are liable to customers or others who suffer injuries due to a slip and fall accident.

Boise Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Slip and fall accidents often result in broken bones that sometimes require surgeries. Our slip and fall accident injury attorneys have represented clients who suffered broken ankles, legs, hips, and arms. Our personal injury attorneys and lawyers will seek recovery of lost wages or business income for our slip and fall clients if their injuries cause them to lose time and money from work.

When Do I Need to Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

If you have suffered from a serious slip and fall injury and accumulated a lot of medical expenses, that is a good indication you need to hire a slip and fall lawyer.

In addition, a slip and fall case does not always necessarily have a clear at fault party. Insurers in slip and fall case rarely acknowledgeable liability to someone who does not have an attorney on their side. Typically, if you have a slip and fall case and are working without a lawyer, you will likely not get very far with your case.

Hiring a slip and fall lawyer will take the stress out of your case. An experienced attorney from Parke Gordon Law Firm will fight for every penny you deserve. Our slip and fall attorneys will be able to pinpoint and recognize all the different factors that can affect liability and damages of your slip and fall case.

Compensation for Your Slip and Fall Accident

When you have been injured by a slip and fall accident being able to prove negligence of the property owner is key to getting the most compensation for pain and suffering. The following are some things you could be compensated for from a slip and fall accident.

  • Pain and suffering.
  • Future medical expenses caused by this accident.
  • Medical bills, including an ambulance cost or transportation to therapy or doctors.
  • Lost wages. This could include money you’ve lost from not being able to work due to the injuries sustained in your slip and fall accident now and in the future if you are permanently disabled.

How to Prove Negligence for a Slip and Falls Accident

To win a lawsuit for a slip and fall accident, you will need to prove the negligence of the property owner or tenant. Typically, time is an important factor when proving negligence. For instance, how long was the hazard present? Was it there long enough for the property owner to be able to notice the hazard and remove it? The experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at Parke Gordon Law Firm will aggressively fight to prove the negligence of a property owner in a slip and fall case.

Statute of Limitations for a Slip and Fall Accident

It is critical for you to understand the statute of limitations in your state. Failing to know this information or not having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to assist you, could hurt your case significantly. If your case is not filed within the time window, the court will throw your case out as time-barred.

In Idaho, you have two years from the time of the slip and fall accident to file a lawsuit. This time limit does vary by state. For example, in Washington, you have three years since the accident to file a lawsuit. Or in Oregon, you have 10 years to file.

Initial Complaint

This important deadline does not mean your case needs to be settled within two years since the time of the slip and fall accident. The statute of limitations is a deadline in which to get your case started in the civil court system. Your case does not need to be resolved before the deadline. If your deadline is approaching, it is best to go ahead and file for a lawsuit even if talk of a settlement is still taking place. You will still be able to participate in any injury settlement negotiations and work towards getting your case resolved without having to go to court.

Determining the Value of a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident case value is determined by the following:

Pain and Suffering: Turning an individual’s pain and suffering into a settlement amount is one of the least predictable components of a slip and fall case. There are no set rules to determine a person’s pain and suffering. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your attorney and/or insurance adjusters evaluating your claim will determine an appropriate amount usually based on your medical needs.

Lost Wages: If the severity of your injuries from a slip and fall accident caused you to be unable to work, lost wages are also calculated into your claim. You will be required to verify the amount of time you missed as well as your how much you earning are with a pay stub or tax return. Typically, your employer will also have to verify your earnings and time missed as well.

Medical Bills: Past and future medical bills related to your slip and fall injuries will be a major factor in determining the value of your case. Usually, but not always, a slip and fall settlement amount will cover at least your medical bills.

What You Need to Prove Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim

First, your slip and fall lawyer will need to confirm with you how the accident occurred. In other words, how were you injured? An accident can happen in an instant. Sometimes a person doesn’t understand how they went from going up or down the stairs to be on the ground and injured. For example, if you fell down the stairs in a public building and broke your leg. You may be able to sue for negligence. Your attorney will ask you questions such as the following.

  • How did you fall down the stairs?
  • Was there any slippery substance present that caused you to fall?
  • Which foot missed the stairs?
  • What were you wearing on your feet?
  • Were you being cautious and using the handrail?
  • Were you carrying anything? If so, what was it?
  • Were you doing something else while walking down the stairs such as your cell phone?
  • Where you looking where you were going as you walked?

Once the physics of how you fell is addressed you attorney will figure out how to hold the defendant is legally responsible for the accident. Some possibilities for why you fell may include:

  • You slipped on something sitting on the stairs
  • You missed a step
  • You tripped over your own clothing such as a long coat or dress
  • You lost your balance by reaching for something
  • The risers of the stairs were of varying heights

Not all of these theories make for a good slip and fall case. The owner of the premises is not legally responsible for you tripping over your own clothing or losing your balance. However, the owner is responsible for a poorly constructed staircase or if something was sitting on the stairs for a long enough period of time that the owner should have known about it.

An experienced and good slip and fall attorney will examine the scene, discuss all possibilities with you and help you to come to a conclusion as to exactly why and how you fell. Next, your attorney will review the applicable state, federal, and local laws to determine if the condition of the premises violated any laws. Your attorney may also involve expert witnesses, if necessary, to testify as to the defendant’s negligence.

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