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Idaho Rules of the Road: Starting and Backing a Vehicle

When starting or backing a vehicle, it is the responsibility of the driver to dodge colliding with any person, child, other vehicle or object to avoid a car accident or personal injury.

The Idaho Rules of the Road governing starting or backing a vehicle are as follows:

Idaho Code § 49-603.  Starting Parked Vehicle.

No person shall start movement of a vehicle which is stopped, standing or parked unless movement can be made with reasonable safety.

Idaho Code § 49-604.  Limitations on Backing.

  • The driver of a vehicle shall not back the vehicle unless that movement can be made with safety and without interfering with other traffic.
  • The driver of a vehicle shall not back it upon any shoulder or lane of travel of any controlled-access highway.

To avoid car accidents, operators should carefully check the surroundings of their vehicle before getting into the vehicle to identify any dangers, pedestrians or children that might be injured in an accident when starting or backing a vehicle.  Children at play in a driveway or riding their bike on the sidewalk are particularly difficult to identify when an operator is already in a car. The operator’s vision is obstructed in a vehicle and the children are small and difficult to see.  Check first, before starting your car.

In addition, driving a large truck or van adds even more difficulty to see small children at play.  Know where your children are before you get in your car.  Be sure to discuss with children the importance of staying away from vehicles that are turned on. Explain to them the danger of injury that could be caused by a driver who cannot see them.  Try to separate your play areas from your driveway to reduce the chances that children will be playing in your driveway when you are backing up.

Driveway accidents are more common after school and during summer times and in most cases the child’s own parent is driving the car.

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