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Steps to Take After a Dog Bite in Boise

Vicious dogs pose a risk to all members of the Boise area, but especially to children. A dog bite in Boise should be taken seriously. Often times children do not understand how to approach a dog. Even children who have been taught not to approach a strange dog may forget at the moment and be threatened. Aggressive dogs often chase after children when they get out of a fenced yard. It is important to know the dog bite laws for the state of Idaho and hire an experienced dog bite injury attorney if you or your child has been injured. The following are some steps to take after a dog bite in Boise.

  1. Report the dog bite incident to the police. If it is not a threat, call a non-emergency dispatch and make a report. A responding officer will make a decision as to whether to call animal control and whether a crime occurred.
  2. Clean the wound immediately with soap and water and then apply antibiotic cream and a bandage. For more significant wounds, apply pressure with a clean cloth and seek immediate medical attention.
  3. Visit a doctor to exam the wound if the skin was broken or you experience a fever or the wound is swelling.
  4. Document the dog bite incident. Be sure to gather the contact information of the dog’s owner as well as request the rabies vaccine license number and the name of the veterinarian who administered the vaccine.
  5. Hire an experienced dog bite injury attorney to handle your case. Dog bite attorneys and lawyers of Parke Gordon Law Firm help victims of dog bites in Boise, Idaho, and surrounding areas. Our dog bite lawyers will fight for you to obtain the highest possible settlement to fairly compensate you for injuries due to a dog bite injury. Dog owners are responsible to keep their dogs under control and to prevent their dogs from biting people.

Dog Bite in Boise

In the state of Idaho, there is no “one free bite” law. Dog owners are to be held accountable for their dogs. “Every dog gets one free bite before its owner can be held to be negligent for failing to control the dog.” The Idaho Supreme Court characterized the foregoing statement as “fallacious,” or false, and noted that a dog owner’s dog does not have a license to bite anyone even once before liability is imposed.  Sharp v. W.H. Moore, Inc.

Idaho dog bite injury laws come from an Idaho state dog bite statute, the common law, and city dog bite ordinances.

Dog Bite Statute in Idaho

The Idaho dog bite statute is found under Idaho Code § 25-2810 and provides that a dog owner is liable for the injuries caused by the owner’s dog when the dog physically attacks, wounds, bites or otherwise injures any person who is not trespassing, so long as the dog is not physically provoked.

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