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Three Vehicle Semi-Truck Accident on Interstate 84

Three vehicles were involved in a semi-truck accident on Interstate 84 according to Idaho State Police. A semi-truck was attempting to pass another Freightliner heading east on Interstate 84. When it crossed over the center line it collided with an oncoming pickup truck. No injuries were reported in the semi-truck crash. All three drivers were reportedly wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident. A lane of traffic was blocked for 45 minutes while crews worked to clear the semi-truck accident.

Tips for Driving Around a Semi-Truck

Many drivers become impatient when driving around a slow semi-truck. However, semi-trucks are much larger in size than a passenger vehicle and have limited maneuverability. More than 3,750 people were killed in 2011 on U.S. roads in accidents involving semi-trucks. Here are some tips for driving around a semi-truck to keep you and others safe.

Be aware of the semi-truck’s blind spot. It is most likely the pickup truck hit on I-84 was traveling in the truck’s blind spot. Tractor-trailers and/or semi-trucks have large blind spots. To be safe, if you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, the driver of the semi cannot see you.

Leave more space. When driving behind a large truck, leave more space than you normally would for a passenger vehicle. If a semi-truck is driving too closely behind you, move to another lane. In an emergency situation, a semi-truck needs substantially more space than a car to come to a complete stop.

Remember how much larger a semi-truck is than your car. A semi-truck is approximately 16 times more than the car you are driving. In addition, a semi-truck may be carrying dangerous chemicals that could turn an accident into a disaster. Also, be sure to stay in your lane. Large trucks need the full width of their lane to keep the semi-truck under control.

When passing a semi-truck, pass with care. Never cross over a double yellow line. If you do wish to pass a tractor-trailer or semi-truck, do so only on the left. After safely passing, do not cut off the semi by re-entering the lane too closely in front of the semi-truck.

Use your common sense. No matter the vehicle you are driving, the rules of the road are the same. Check your mirrors regularly and be alert to what is going on around you to keep yourself safe.

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