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Fatal Car Accident Involving Three-Year-Old Child

Ada County Sheriff’s Office reported a fatal car accident involving a three-year-old child who was reportedly run over by a pickup truck. Police say the pickup truck pulled out of the driveway where the three-year-old lived. The child ran alongside the truck as it slowly moved down the street. The driver of the truck was unaware of the child and struck her with the vehicle. Paramedics were immediately contacted. The child was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later. Police say the car accident was unintentional but deputies will continue the investigation. This is indeed a very tragic accident that should have been able to be prevented had the driver been aware of their surroundings. The following are some tips to prevent such accidents from happening.

Tips to Prevent Accidents with Children

According to, 2,200 children are injured or killed in a non-traffic accident every year. In the U.S., every week 50 children are backed over or hit by a driver who could not see them. Most of these take place in driveways or parking lots. In addition, the driver is usually a close relative of the child. Children under the age of five are most at risk due to their small size. Here are some tips to prevent accidents with children.

  • Walk around and behind a vehicle before you start driving.
  • Be aware that large vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUV’s and vans prevent the driver from seeing small children.
  • Know the whereabouts of children before moving a vehicle.
  • Install sensors or additional mirrors on your vehicle.
  • Be sure children are always holding hands with an adult in parking lots.
  • Teach your child to be safe around vehicles.
  • Steep inclines also limit the visibility of drivers.
  • Make sure small children are not able to slip outside without adult supervision by making sure locks are high.

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