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Fatal Car Accident of Child Sledding in Boise Driveway – Traffic Safety for Children

A fatal car accident of a child sledding in a Boise driveway was reported recently. Two children were sledding down a driveway when one of them slid out into the road. The child was hit by a car which was driving down the street at the time. Idaho State Police say the driver attempted to stop to avoid hitting the child but was unable to. The child was severely injured from the car accident and transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation of injuries. It was later reported that the child was pronounced dead a short time later. This is a tragic accident that should have been avoided. Keeping your child from a fatal car accident is every parent’s number one goal. Here are some tips to help teach your child traffic safety.

Traffic Safety for Children

Keeping children safe can sometimes be a challenge. Parents ensure safety when the child is at home. Teachers or caretakers ensure the child’s safety at school. But who keeps children safe on the road? Every child needs to be taught early traffic safety. In the early years, children need a lot of assistance from adults to be safe from risks associated with road use. Particularly, children need help detecting traffic and judging the speed and distance of oncoming traffic.

Traffic Safety for Children Under Five

  • Discuss with your child about traffic.
  • Hold your child’s hand whenever you are near cars. Talk with them about why it is important that they hold your hand.
  • As you cross the road together, explain what you are doing and why. Involve your child in determining when it is safe to cross. Doing these things will teach your child to think correctly while in the traffic environment.
  • Make eye contact with the driver before crossing the street, especially at intersections.
  • Set a good role model for your child by obeying all traffic laws and wearing a seatbelt in the car.
  • Involve your child when determining if a play area is safe.
  • Avoid using places too close to traffic for your child to play such as the front yard or driveway.

Traffic Safety for Children Between Five and Nine

Children between the ages of five and nine still need adult supervision and assistance in a traffic environment.

  • Talk about road signs and traffic lights with your children. Identify when it is safe to cross the street.
  • Teach ‘stop, look, listen and think’ to your child to help them cross the street safely. Stop at the curb, look and listen for cars and then decide whether it is safe to cross. It may be helpful to take a walk to their school with them to practice.
  • Be a good role model.

Traffic Safety for Children Between 10 and 13

  • Check that your child is practicing the things you have taught them. When crossing the street, do they stop, look, listen and thinking? Ask them to explain to you what they are doing and why.
  • Discuss with your child the rules of the road.
  • Take walks with your child frequently.
  • Plan safe routes to school and other places your child visits often.
  • Be sure your child wears brightly colored clothing to help drivers easily see them.

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