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Two Vehicles Lost Control After Crashing on I-84

Two Vehicles Lost Control After Crashing on I-84Idaho State Police reported two vehicles losing control after crashing into each other. A Lexus R33 SUV was traveling westbound when it struck a Mitsubishi Mirage from behind. The impact of the crash caused both drivers to lose control of their vehicle. Both vehicles came to rest in lanes of travel on the highway. Westbound traffic was blocked for about an hour as crews worked to clear the wreckage. The driver of the Mitsubishi and their passenger were injured in the car accident and transported to a nearby medical center for evaluation of injuries. The driver of the Lexus was reportedly uninjured but found to be intoxicated and thus arrested for driving under the influence.

What to do When You Lose Control of Your Vehicle to Avoid a Car Accident

It is always best to remain in control of your vehicle when driving. However, certain situations or road conditions can cause the driver to lose control. The following is what you should do when you lose control of your vehicle to avoid a car accident.

  1. Stay calm. Yes, it will be hard to not panic in such a moment. But panicking will only make matters worse. Some people freeze while others over-compensate. Avoid panicking and stay calm.
  2. Make sure to leave your hands on the wheel. Your first instinct may be to let go of the steering wheel. Don’t do this! You will regain control of the vehicle and when you do, you’ll want to have your hands ready.
  3. Leave your eyes open. Another instinct many people have is to close their eyes when they panic. Don’t do this! Keep your eyes open so when you regain control, you can see.
  4. Shift the vehicle into neutral. When the vehicle is in drive, there is power going to the wheels. Shifting to neutral eliminates any power going to the wheels.
  5. Steer into the skid. Steer in the direction that the back end of your vehicle is trying to go. Usually, this is the best way to regain control of the vehicle.
  6. Slow down and straighten the car out to regain your footing. It’s not always necessary to come to a complete stop.
  7. Before exiting the vehicle, always be sure to get out of any danger and make a complete stop. Always check around you before you get out. Other vehicles may hit the same hazard you did and lose control as well.

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