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Wrongful Death Car Accident Near Caldwell, Idaho

A car accident on Interstate 84 near Caldwell resulted in a wrongful death when a Caldwell man got out of his car after hitting the median guardrail, said Idaho State Police. The Caldwell man’s car was blocking the left lane when a good Samaritan stopped on the right side of the road to assist. Both men were struck by an oncoming car which later resulted in a wrongful death. One of the men was killed and the other man was taken to the hospital to treat injuries. A hospital spokesperson said the injured man is still in critical condition. Other cars reportedly had near miss accidents, when they swerved to avoid hitting the car blocking the left lane.

Avoid a Car Accident With These Tips

  1. Scan the area ahead. Watch the car in front of you as well as the traffic ahead of that. This allows you to see trouble ahead while still giving you time to react.
  2. Beware of blind spots. Don’t rely solely on your mirrors. Physically turn and look directly into the lane beside you before moving over.
  3. Know your car’s limits. Know how your car reacts in certain situations. If the car leans when you are turning you may want to avoid wrenching the wheel at high speeds. You also want to be familiar with the car’s brakes and tires. How long does it usually take you to stop? How much do your tires grip? What kind of shape are your tires in?
  4. Judge a driver by his/her car’s condition. If the body of the car is damaged or has dirty windows it usually suggests that the driver is inattentive. Also, when you see someone drifting it may indicate a tired, drunk or cell phone preoccupied driver. Try to avoid them.
  5. Drive with your hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock position. This position allows for maximum vehicle control.
  6. Avoid the “fast lane.” Using the center or right lane allows you to have more ways around should a problem arise requiring you to change lanes quickly. Most accidents occur in the left lane. Also, highway patrol watches the “fast lane” more.
  7. Keep your car in good condition. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. This will ensure you will be able to accelerate, stop and steer when you need to.
  8. Nighttime is not a good time to drive. Night driving has some hazards. Decreased field of vison, joyriding teens, drunk drivers, and tired drivers. If you do need to drive at night, drive extra defensively especially after midnight.

Legal Help is Available for a Car Accident Victim

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